City of Pittsburgh

Our Process:

The Office of Film and Event Management is the permitting authority for Block Parties, Special Events, First Amendment Activity and Film projects in the City of Pittsburgh.

All permits that are submitted to the Office of Film and Event Management are reviewed by the Special Events Committee (SEC). The Committee consists of representatives from Public Safety, the Bureaus of Police, Fire and EMS, Emergency Management, Department of Public Works, Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections, Park Rangers, CitiParks, Pittsburgh Regional Transit, Sports and Exhibition Authority, and Point State Park. These representatives meet weekly and discuss event applications for approval based on availability of City resources and event schedule for events across the City. The approval process is a two week process - the first week the SEC receives the application and reviews it, and the following week the event is discussed for approval. 

NOTE: Application deadlines are as follows: Special Event 14 business days before first date on your permit (set up, or event date). Block Party 7 business days prior to your party.

High Volume Dates:

Due to the anticipation of a high volume of large-profile events occurring on certain days, the Office of Film & Event Management & Special Events Committee may not be able to approve any further permits on certain days that could place further strain on Public Safety resources, transit, or public property. It is strongly suggested that event permit applicants avoid the dates listed below when submitting applications, or understand that their application may not be able to be approved:

High Volume Dates: June 13 - 16, 29th, July 4, 18 - 21, August 1 - 4, 15 - 18, September 28, 29 and November 23. Please note that Pittsburgh Pirates baseball, Pittsburgh Steelers football and University of Pittsburgh Football game schedules are also considered high volume dates. 

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